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Performed either alone or as part of a face lift, a neck lift can remove excess skin, fatty tissue and banding and restore a smooth, refined appearance to the neck.

About Neck Lift Surgery

For people with loose sagging skin under the chin, vertical bands in the neck, 'turkey wattles’ or necks that are too heavy, neck lift surgery, either alone, or in combination with other cosmetic procedures, can produce very gratifying results.
Different procedures are used to address each of these problems:

  • Sagging skin may be tightened or removed using a procedure called Cervicoplasty.

  • To correct vertical bands or wattles, a technique called Platysmaplasty can be used to tighten the muscles of the neck.

  • Fat deposits can be removed directly or by liposuction.

The quality of the result will depend upon the elasticity of the neck skin and degree of sun damage to the area. Naturally, it is important to have realistic expectations, but fortunately current techniques allow for an elaborate and detailed restitution of a youthful contouring the neck, that can benefit patients with a variety of problems.

In general terms, people whose relatives have strong jaws and chins, maintain a more defined appearance of the neck later in life. For those who have inherited a relatively small chin, a combination of neck lift and chin augmentation can produce dramatic improvements for the facial balance and neck contours.

A relatively small group of people tend to have poor definition in the neck very early in life, without ever being overweight. When the elasticity of the skin of the neck is good, it is possible to do an extensive contouring, through an approach called anterior neck lift, which uses only a 3 cm incision under the chin.

  • Through this access it is possible to reduce the fatty tissue situated below the skin as well as the one deep to the platysma muscles, trim the lower pole of the submandibular glands if required and adjusts the position and tension of the platysma muscles, in order to optimise the neck contour.

  • It is by necessity a more powerful approach and then simple liposuction, which can only address the fatty tissue situated under the skin.